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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  March 9, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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. good morning, everyone. welcome to "news4 midday." i'm barbara harrison. provide, march 9, 2012. the calvert county schaeffer's department is still trying to sort out the details after a dead infant was found in the trunk of a car. the baby was found last night in a car near the intersection of hallowing point road in prince frederick. that's where megan mcgrath is live with the latest information. >> reporter: barbara, that car was parked in front of a gray mobile home. sources tell news4 that the vehicle belongs to a woman and
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that one of her relatives was clearing out items from the car when they discovered infant in the trunk. news of what happened travels fast through this small mobile home community. a newborn baby has been found dead inside the trunk of a car. >> our hearts go out to the family members that located this infant and in the trunk of this vehicle. this is heart wrenching for our community and law enrs forcement. >> reporter: the car was park order the street. a relative of the owner was cleaning it out when they opened the trunk they found the dead child. investigators are trying to figure out who the mother is and how the baby died. residents say it is a mystery. they haven't seen any pregnant women in the neighborhood lately. >> there's month one in here, i have never seen anyone pregnant, no young kids or anything in here pregnant. i have been here a long time. i haven't seen any of them. >> you never know what people are going through, what's going
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through their minds. i think that's why it is important for everyone to stay connected and especially with a small group like this, look out for each other because you never know. >> reporter: now how did the child die and how long had the baby been in the trunk of this vehicle? investigators are waiting for the results of an autopsy to get those answers they hope to have that information at some point later on today. reporting live in prince frederick, megan mcgrath, news4. >> thank you, megan. new at midday, police charged two daycare providers with five counts of child endangerment. following the death of a 3-month-old babbaby. they were working at an unlicensed daycare at a home along sapphire ridge road in bristow, prince william county. police say that 3-month-old tinken sample was other children when she apparently stopped breathing. the infant was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. the police tell news4 there are no signs of foul play. the medical examiner's office is performing an autopsy on the
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baby at this time. the charge it is daycare providers are facing are for the daycare itself and not for the baby's death. now we are going to turn to our weather here if the nation's capital where things got chilly out there this morning and windy. here's meteorologist tom kierein. what happened to spring, tom? >> yeah. lasted for about 12 hours yesterday afternoon we got into the mid 70s. the cold front came in overnight and little bit of the rain came through and washed a lot of the pollen out. now we are getting sunshine. showing through. there's still quite a bit of an overcast live view from the news4 sky watcher camera looking off to the west and it is showing some thinning to the overcast and getting weak sun coming through. see that moving color, that's the rain we had overnight. now it is off the atlantic seaboard and behind that we are getting a clearing sky now all sunny in western maryland. much of west virginia and that clearing sky will continue to move through the metro area and as we get into the afternoon. those areas in blue, well, it is
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still very chilly. lighter blue areas, 40s. dark blue areas, still only in the 30s in many of hose locations. right along northern west virginia and new western pennsylvania. closer to washington now, reagan national at 50 degrees and it is in the low 50s to mid 50s just to our south. west and north of i-95, though, still generally in the 40s. for the rest of the afternoon we have the sky becoming sunny. that wind, though, gusting to 30 miles an hour. temperatures recovering back into the upper 50s near 60 degrees. a look at getting much colder weather for tonight and part of the weekend. coming up, barbara. >> all right. spring fever, put it on hold for a while. thank you, tom. police are looking for answers in an officer involved shooting that left a montgomery county officer injured. the shooter in critical condition. they want to know why the man opened fire on them on eastern avenue near the d.c./maryland border early this morning. tracee wilkins has more on the investigation from northwest, d.c. >> reporter: montgomery county police say that the shooting
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began here on eastern avenue and ended in what was a gun battle between montgomery county police and the gunmen. more than 40 pieces of evidence have been marked here as investigators try to figure out what led to all of this. >> pow, pow, pow, pow like that. and like i say, he wasn't in a rush. >> reporter: this neighbor, who did not want to be identified, says after had a hearing two shots this morning, he ran to his front door and saw a man in a dressing gown walking up the street. he says that seconds later police arrived. it turns out that that man was the gunman. and here is what he says happened next. >> fired a couple times towards the cops. so the two cop ducked behind the cruzzer and couple of other cars and ran this way. up to newark street. completely continued across street and walked up the sidewalk. fired two, three more shots. by the time he got to the bus
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stop there, i heard -- a volley of shots, apparently with the police. and he went down. >> reporter: there were so many shots fired that d.c. police used a rake to make sure no evidence was left behind. >> he really had been aiming, he might could have hit one of them. he raised his gun and shot. >> reporter: the gunman who lived on eastern avenue was transported to the hospital in critical condition. one officer, eight-year veteran, injured his hand during the shoot-out. he was treated and released from the hospital. this man who did not want to be shown on camera says his parked vehicle is now considered evidence. how many bullet holes do you think are in your vehicle? >> i think they said a couple in may vehicle. another car that was hit, more vigorously. >> reporter: for this neighbor, who saw it all unfold, he wonders what was the gunman thinki thinking. >> police shoot him, raised a gun and shoot him. walking towards a police
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officer. you know what that means. you are going down. >> reporter: d.c. police and montgomery county police are splitting this investigation. d.c. police will be investigating the actual criminal portion of the investigation while montgomery county police are going to be investigating the internal affairs portion. exactly why these officers fired their weapons. now all of the officers have been placed on administrative leave but that's what normally happens after an officer fires his weapon. in northwest, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. >> let's take our first look at midday traffic now. danella sealock is standing by to tell us what it looks like. >> happy friday to you. if you are taking the rails we do have some single tracking along the green line. and as well as along the blue line. you can expect delays in both directions. over to the roads, construction is slowing you down if you are taking the inner loop of the beltway, making your way toward braddock road. it is also going to block the right lane. just stick to the left to get by. your travel speed not bad.
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48 miles per hour. on the inner loop of the beltway. now jumping over to the 14th street bridge, construction here as well. road work blocks the right lane again. just stick to the left and volume is not so bad as you make your way into the city. you are at about 50 miles per hour. barbara, back over to you. >> all right. thanks, danella. plowers high school in springdale has extra security today after a student was robbed at gunpoint. a school spokesperson says that two male suspects robbed a 15-year-old yesterday morning and in the school gym. it turned out to be a b.b. gun used. police were able to arrest one of the suspect as student of the school. the other suspect made off with a little bit of cash and a cell phone. no one was hurt in the robbery. school officials sent a letter home to parents telling them about this incident. former prince george's county council member leslie johnson is expected to report to federal prison today. johnson and her husband, former prince george's county executive jack johnson, were beach found guilty in a corruption scheme. she was sentenced to a we are and a dawe for tampering with
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evidence. admitting to flushing a $100,000 bribe check down the toilet. johnson is expected to serve her term at a federal correctional facility in west virginia. jack johnson, according to prison last month. new today, the february jobs report is out. employers added 227,000 jobs last month. the unemployment rate 125i steady at 8.3%. the numbers indicate the economy is showing slow but steady improvement. before february, the unemployment rate had fallen for five consecutive months and in the past three months the economy added an average of 245,000 jobs a month. president obama just boarded air force i on his way to richmond where he will talk about the latest jobs report. he will speak at a rolls royce aircraft parts plant in prince george. the factory employees more than 100 people and construction on the second phase of the plant can begin this year. a public private research center
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is being built near the rolls royce facility. it was the dinner of a lifetime for three lucky people as they enjoyed a pool with the president and first lady. it was part of dinner with barack. it is an event that took place at boundary road, new restaurant on h street northeast. the three guests won a sweepstakes spot donating small amounts of money to president obama's re-election campaign. our time 11:10. coming up, the incredible -- look at that. that's an iceberg imploding. a trip turned into something terrifying. we will show you that. the maker of the kony 2012 film. lot of folks talking about that.
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newt gingrich is counting on a good showing in next tuesday's alabama and mississippi primaries to keep his white house hopes alive. his aides say he needs to win those contest just to stay in the race. gingrich has canceled plans to campaign in kansas this weekend so he can focus on if south. kansas holds his caucuses on
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saturday. gingrich's main competition in alabama and mississippi forces rick santorum and telling voters in those states that he's the true conservative candidate that can best challenge president obama in november. taking a tour of arlington national cemetery will soon be just a few mouse clicks away for you. the cemetery is using new high-tech electric tonic mapping technology to improve operations and provide a bet i experience for visitors. the cemetery's executive director told a congressional panel that people will soon be able to go online and explore individual gravesites. arlington is trying to replace old paper base records after a scandal uncovered hundreds of mismarked graves and misplaced remains. passengers on a cruise ship in antarctica got more than they expected while passing by an iceberg. >> what was that? >> that was scary. the iceberg collapsed in front
11:15 am
of them. giant chunks of ice crashed into the watter with some getting close to the boat, in fact. the captain quickly steered away from the collapsed iceberg and passengers cheered at the amazing sight. something to see out there. >> wow. >> isn't that something n. >> i have often thought about it would be a wonderful trip to take, take that cruise ship, go down to antarctica. those are the risks you take when you go down there. icebergs. >> icy around here this morning. i was out walking. >> what a change. >> chilly wind. >> yeah. yesterday we were in the 70s. and now we are down into the 40s to just near 50 degrees. what a dramatic drop from yesterday. there's a live puck tour from our news4 city camera. will's capitol hill. still under a gray sky in washington. but off to our west, not too far away. that sunshine is breaking out. still cloudy at reagan national where the temperature is at 49. they just had a wind gust to around 22 miles an hour. the winds are going to be a little bit blustery here as we get into the rest of the
11:16 am
afternoon. now that is what looked like 11:00 last might we had some of those showers around these areas in green. and those showers came on through. and thankfully did wash some of the pollen out of the air. pollen count really jumped yesterday with the windy, warm weather. but that rain took care of and it at least temporarily. now getting nice breaks in the clouds and some sunshine breaking out, hagerstown to cumberland and much of west virginia, shenandoah valley getting increasing sunshine, too. and we will have this continuing to head our way here as we get into the afternoon hours. as we look at the temperatures, still a chill in the air. off to our west and north, much of the dark blue area, this is till -- temperatures in the 30s. still freezing, much of pennsylvania. right down to the highlands of west virginia. east of there, generally in the 40s and now climbing into the 50s. closer to washington right now in prince george's county, it is near 50 degrees. it is also in the mid to upper 40s, near 50 in montgomery county. fairfax and arlington counties. farther to our west and north, even with that sun coming out, still in the 40s there. culpeper now up to 50 degrees,
11:17 am
50, southern maryland and northern neck and eastern shore. these are the latest wind gusts. peak gusts have been around andrews air force base. just had a gust there to 30 miles an hour. out in the mountains, gusts over 30 miles an hour here over the last hour. and as we look at the closer view we are getting wonderful breaks in the clouds to our west and north now. going forward over the next 48 hours, we will have this clearing occurring and as it does, we will have colder air moving in but that won't be until tonight. looks like by late this evening by midnight we will be down to near 40 degrees under a clear sky and then during the day saturday, cold start. plenty of sunshine. big area of high pressure over the region. and it will be in place saturday night, too. on into sunday but the thing on sunday is that we will have our winds shifting into the south as a result. we will have it warmer by sunday afternoon. so for the rest of the friday afternoon, becoming sunny and we will have a gusty wind and we will have our temperatures climbing into the mid 50s and near 60 and most locations in central north and central virginia, elsewhere, we will
11:18 am
probably reach the mid 50s or so. northwest winds, though, gusting to 30 miles an hour. those winds will diminish tonight under a clear sky and sunset at 6:10. going out tonight you are going to need a coat and dress for winterlike weather. down to 40 degrees by midnight and the winds will still be a little blustery around 20 miles an hour. and those will begin to shift as we get into sunday and into the south and warm things up. not tomorrow. cold start on saturday. it will be near 30 in the morning. afternoon highs near 50 degrees. then we spring forward and it is the shortest weekend of the year. would turn our clocks ahead one hour on saturday night. sunday morning, another cold morning. afternoon highs near 60 and warming up into next week. maybe some rain on tuesday. maybe back to 70 degrees again on wednesday and thursday. >> okay. thank you, tom. let's head out to the roads again to see if there are new problems you will encounter. here's danella. >> good morning. let's start with the nice good news. good news is if you are crossing over the wilson bridge, this is a live look now.
11:19 am
no issues for you. i will give you a travel speed. crossing over the wilson bridge, and making your way to van dorn street, it is not bad at all. you are traveling at just over 50 miles per hour. now the problem is that once you take the inner loop of the beltway, right approaching braddock road that's where you will find the right lane blocked and your right lane is blocked by construction. as you can see traffic is going quite nicely. here is travel speed, 49 miles per hour. barbara, back to you. >> thank you, danella. 11:19. still ahead on "news4 midday," the stars of the new movie "game change" come to washington. what julianne moore says about playing sarah palin. how a young chef is trying to win $50,000 for her elementary school. she also cooks with us. she has a delicious smelling dish coming up. first, here's a look at what's hot on i was paying too much with cable.
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and get $300 back with a two-year contract. don't miss this last chance. fios internet...the speed, you can't compare. i'm able to take care of things much faster now. [ male announcer ] get fios online... $89.99 a month, guaranteed for two years... plus, $300 back with a two-year contract. last chance for this great deal. or ask about our no annual contract option. is change good? in this case, change is very good. [ male announcer ] visit call the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's at 800-974-6006 tty/v. fios. a network ahead. a 9-year-old from mclean, virginia is competing in a cooking contest that could win her $20,000 for college and a cafeteria makeover for her elementary school. her name is alanna frederick and joins thus morning to show us the recipe she hopes will win her that big prize. good morning. >> good morning.
11:23 am
>> very nice to have you with us. it sure smells good in here now. >> thank you. >> tell us, this is called what? >> chicken and burrito soup. >> why don't i tell folks what's in it and then you can show us how to make it. okay? >> okay. >> folks, get your pencil and paper now. i will tell you what's in it. it is two pounds of skinless boneless chicken breasts cut into small cubes. two table spoons of olive oil. cup of chopped onions and cup of chopped red and green pepper. you need a cup of chopped carrots, choppy yellow pepper. garlic powder, and whole grain brown rice, two cups of frozen yellow corn. one eight-ounce can of blacked beans drained and rinsed. one-half carton of chicken broth, two cans of fire roasted tomatoes. and lime juice. let's get started. tell me what's in here so far. >> there are chopped red, green,
11:24 am
yellow peppers. then some carrots, chicken which is -- we put this spice on it. we have to add this chicken broth. >> as you are doing that you can tell us where did you find this recipe? >> well -- >> your own creation? >> no. we found it online. but -- we added some things to it. >> you and your mom created this together? did you just taste it until you liked the way it tasted? >> and my mom created it together. >> fantastic. okay. now you added the -- broth. what goes in after that? >> after that, we have fire roasted tomatoes. >> you are going to put those in. >> smelling just wonderful. >> keep it stirred up. >> yes. >> now you add the black beans.
11:25 am
>> does your cafeteria need a makeover? sfwr yes. >> it is not so great in there now. >> a little bit. >> bet all your classmates are hoping you will win this contest. it is looking beautiful. colors are perfect. so what comes in next? what do you put in next? >> next we put corn in. >> i love that corn. i guess you can use canned or frozen corn. >> mm-hmm. yeah. it doesn't matter. we used frozen. >> okay. and? >> and -- >> why don't i stir while you add? >> okay. >> what do you add next? >> next this is finished. i think. and then -- >> looks like you have something over here, some rice. is that ready to go in? >> this is at the end. we put it in the bowl and then we put the soup over the rice. >> you put your spices in?
11:26 am
>> yes. >> okay. everything is -- >> yes. >> red write. >> right. >> we need a bowl. >> okay. spoon. >> what goes in the bowl first? >> first we put the rice in. >> okay. >> on the bottom. >> so the viewers can see. >> that's whole grain. >> whole grain uncle ben's rice. >> okay. all right. >> and then -- we can put some soup in. >> this looks fantastic. >> broth in there. >> have your friends tasted this? >> yes. one of my friends, caroline osborne, has tasted it. >> what did she say about it? >> she said it was delicious. >> looks like have you some guacamole here. does that go on top, too? >> this is a -- relish. it has -- it is kind of like guacamole.
11:27 am
goes on the top. and then we add a little dollop of sour cream. >> a little dollop of sour cream. looks delicious. do i get to sample this? >> if you want to. >> i think maybe i will. it smells so good. delicious. award winning. let me quickly tell people how they can vote to you. go to click let's get kids cooking. that's what you click on. and you look for alanna's video entry and vote for alanna. good luck. >> thank you. >> this is delicious. thanks a lot. >> you're welcome. >> and coming up in the next half hour of "news4 midday," the maker of that kony 2012 video
11:28 am
say n critics that say not enough money is going to help the children of uganda. the mall that will have to turn away shoppers. tom kierein is back with a very cold start to the weekend and when it will warm back up. i was paying too much with cable. paying so much, you want better quality. it just got more frustrating and frustrating. for the amount of money that i'm paying, my cable company should take care of me. [ male announcer ] stop paying for second best.
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right now on "news4 midday," february jobs report is out. employers added 227,000 jobs last month but the unemployment rates stayed steady at 8.3%. past three month it is economy has added an average of 245,000 jobs a month. the calvert county sheriff's department is looking for answers after someone found a dead infant in the trunk of a car. investigators are trying to figure out who the mother is and how the baby died. neighbors are shocked by this tragic incident and say they haven't seen any pregnant women
11:32 am
in their neighborhood lately. it is a disturbing trend. suspicious letters laced with white poud rer once again finding their way to businesses and schools in d.c. similar mailings have been showing up in the nation's capital for several years and this morning, federal investigators are searching for who might be responsible for this. aaron gilchrist is at the news4 super screen with more now. >> seven suspicious letters containing a white powder have shown up in d.c. this week. several more have been found around the country. three letters are showed up in the district yesterday. one at an elementary school in southwest d.c. another one was opened by a chef at viviana restaurant on southwest avenue. there was a third letter not believed to be related to the rest of them that was sent to the epa build which is on constitution avenue. the disturbing trend is that schools seem to be a primary target of these letters. on wednesday, the oyster-adams school in northwest d.c. received a white powder laced letter and suspicious letters have been sent to schools in at
11:33 am
least four other states. now there was a similar scare last year when more than three dozen letters were mailed to schools around the district. the fbi put out a bulletin about these suspicious letters. here's that bulletin. they say the letters are sent from dallas, texas, and they usually contain a letter with the words al qaeda, fbi and white powder. the agency warns that more letters may still be in the mail system waiting to be delivered. >> all right, aaron, thank you. today marks the 35th anniversary of one of the most terrifying days in washington's history. gunmen from a muslim sect invaded three buildings downtown and the district building and islamic center. they killed a young reporter, shot d.c. council member marion bare write and took more than 100 people hostage. the gunmen said they were seeking the revenge of the murder of their leader's family. they surrendered after 40 hours. pat collins will talk to marion
11:34 am
barry about the ordeal and we will hear more from other hostages and what was the first terrorist attacks ever in washington. right now there is a movement that like social media has never seen before. it is called kony 2012. and it is attracting worldwide attention. since monday a 30-minute video posted by kony 2012 creators racked up more than 52 million hits on youtube. it is a powerful documentary targeting joseph kony and his terror group which is accused of crimes and abuses against thousands of children. the filmmaker jason russell spoke exclusively to ann curry this morning on the "today" show and talked about why this cause caught fire so quickly. >> i think it is because it is a human store write. we are all human beings. and for some reason we forgot about our humanity because of politics and because of all of these things we are talking about, it paralyzed us and forgot we are humans first. we forgot about that and this
11:35 am
brings it back to the core issue, we are living on planet, floating in the middle of eternity and we can connect with each other and we can protect each other. >> despite the admirable mission of the video, there are concerns about the group behind the film, invisible children. some critics say the group isn't being forthcoming financially. they say not enough of the millions the group raised is going to actual programs in africa. and charity navigator and independent evaluation site gives the group only two out of four stars for accountability and transparency. but russeled told the "today" show that their charity breaks the molding and operates differently than the traditional charity. >> like the scott harrison charity water model is 100% goes to clean water. he's a rock star. we love him. we are good friends with him and that's their motto. they are proud of and it we love it. our model is three fold. the movie, the movement, and the mission. the mission is to end the war and rehabilitate these child
11:36 am
soldiers. three-pronged approach. we think different. unorthodox on purpose. >> russell says as part of that three-prong approach more than a third of its funds go to programs in central africa. the rest goes to awareness programs, management, media development, and fund-raising. we are going to check in with tom kierein and get the latest look at the forecast. what's it looking like out there now? >> gradually getting sunnier. here is a live view from our news4 hd stay watcher camera. overcast thinning off. temperatures are up near 50 degrees now in washington, prince george's, fairfax, arlington and montgomery counties. much of southern maryland, northern neck, eastern shore, and all in the upper fourth to near 50 degrees. what a difference from yesterday when we were in the 70s. off to our west, well, the sky has cleared out in western maryland and the shenandoah valley. getting lots of sunshine now. as well as out in west virginia. up into northern pennsylvania
11:37 am
they are getting snow showers here on the 9th day of march. that won't hit here. clearing sky for the rest of the afternoon. and maybe up near 60 parts of northern virginia. generally around the metro area, make it into the mid 50s by mid wraf in an. clear and cold tonight. it will be down to the 20s to near 30 degrees tomorrow morning. then with the sunshine tomorrow, only up near 50. quite a chilly day saturday and then saturday night we spring ahead one hour. sunday, sunshine back again. we will have it a bit warmer after a cold start and wild start to the week. maybe rain on tuesday. barbara. >> all right, thank you, tom. right now, the -- excuse me. southbound lanes of south dakota avenue between rigs road and kennedy street are closed. it should last until sunday, we understand. road crews are preparing for the upcoming parliament closure on the rigs road ramp to south dakota avenue next week. checking in with danella. >> if you are planning on heading out of the city, making
11:38 am
your your way down i-95 south, we will take a look the the roads together. you make your way on 395, no issues from the 14th street bridge heading to the beltway. 57 miles per hour, 11 minutes from the 14th street bridge to the beltway. if you are coming on i-95 clear travels. your travel speed southbound from the beltway to the occoquan, 49 miles per hour. only taking 13 minutes to head out of the city. back over the to you. >> thank you, dan el. spring peeled mall is about to get a makeover. the owners plan on closing the ma for two years so it can be turned into a vibrant town center. construction is expected to begin this summer. >> there's a lot of phases to this development. residential, hotel, office use, real mixed use community. >> the mall's anchor stores will remain open during this project. major brake problems that scared many metro riders were
11:39 am
old news for trance t transit agency. metro has known about issues with the brakes for six years and has done nothing about it because of money problems. in december and january, brake parts fell from two trains once during the morning rush causing major delays. you will remember that. the general manager says 98% of the faulty brakes have been replaced but newer trains aren't due for an upgrade until 2014. metro says the brakes should last 35 years but are wearing out in as little as 10 to 15 years. we are going to need extra patience to get to a popular d.c. attraction this weekend. two stations that access the national zoo are going to be closed. woodley park and cleveland park metro stations and red line will close at 10:00 tonight. preshuttle buses will be running between the dupont circle and van ness to get you around the stations. sharing track to the blue, orange and yellow lines. all work starts tonight at 10:00
11:40 am
and should be finished by your monday morning commute. rhode island family is upset after their daughter's temper tantrum got them kicked off their plight home from the caribbean. the family was boarding their jet blue flight from the turks and caicos to boston when 2-year-old natalie did what toddlers are known to do -- she threw a temper tantrum. the family finally got her under control but the pilot announced he was turning the plane around and removing them because of the unruly toddler. >> we were asked to -- we weren't belligerent, drunk, angry, screaming. we just -- we were having a hard time struggling with our children. >> jet blue released a statement saying that the family was not following instructions for a prolonged period of time. and so they were removed for the safety of other customers and crew. 11:40 is the time. still ahead, the change you will soon see in your coke and pepsi. what whitney houston's hair stiles says about the last days
11:41 am
of the sin
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coke and pepsi fans will soon notice their drinks look a little different. the cola company's announced they are changing the way they make the soda's color. they plan to reduce the amount of ammonia sul fight potential cancer-causing chemical. pepsi and coke decided to make the change because the old formula with a would have required a cancer warning label in california. the government says even with the old formula, you would have to consume 1,000 cans a day for the drinks to to be dangerous. now to the price of gas and political blame game. republican candidate mitt romney says president obama is in part to blame for increased gas prices. yesterday in mississippi romney said the president has delayed offshore riggs and onshore drilling and contributing to higher prices at the pump. and this morning on the "today" show matt lauer talked to exxon mobile's ceo till eetillerson w
11:45 am
foreign problems are what are cause it is increase. >> the price of an average gallon of gasoline, regular gas, is $3.76. 36 cents from the all-time high. short term will those prices remain stable or do you see them going higher? >> what drove the prices up is entirely the crude oil price. 88% of the pump price that people see is due to the cost of the crude oil and then -- state and federal taxes. then you have a small margin for refiners and distributors and marketers. the answer to the question is if crude prices go up, obviously gasoline prices are going to go up. supply/demand is fine. what led to the most recent run-up obviously concerns about the rhetoric over closing of the straits of hormuz and conflicts with iran. >> in the district regular gas is averaging at $3.89 a gallon. maryland and virginia residents are below average, paying $3.70
11:46 am
and $3.64 respectively. u.s. employers added 227,000 jobs in february to complete three the best months of hiring since the recession began. we are going on check in now with hampton pier and joins us live with more on that and the rest of the day's business headlines. hampton, good morning. >> hello, barbara. as a matter of fact, stocks are in positive territory after that good news on the job market. and the fact that the long-awaited greek debt deal appears to be done. so right now we have the dow at about 42 points, nasdaq up 20. s&p is up 7 points. employers, as you mentioned, adding 227,000 jobs last month and finishing three of the best months for hiring since the recession began. unemployment rate began unchanged at 8.3% as workers began streaming back into the labor force and hiring was spread across a range of industries including manufacturing and mining and professional services like accounting. greece said earlier today that
11:47 am
most of its private creditors have, in fact, agreed to swap their bonds for new ones worth far less. the deal clears the way for fresh bailout from greece's neighbors to fears of greek default weighed on the market for two years. today the commerce department is telling us the u.s. trade deficit surged in january and to its widest imbalance in more than three years. as imports hit an all-time high reflecting rising demand for foreign-made cars to computers and food products. and exports to your open fell. raising concerns that economic attraction across most of the continent will hurt the u.s. corporate profits. among stocks making big moves today, green mountain coffee roasters plunging 14% and after its larger rival starbucks said that it will start selling single cup coffee machines. that could deflate demand for green mountain's keurig machines, starbucks rising 2%. texas instruments falling 1.3% and after the chip maker lowered its forecast for receive knews and earnings in the first quarter blaming weaker demand
11:48 am
for a wireless product. happy friday. >> yes. you look like you are ready for spring. >> thank you. >> have a good weekend. >> you, too. it is being called -- >> john carter. >> they are calling at this time biggest action movie so far this year. "john carter." based on a classic novel telling the story of john carter, a civil war soldier magically transported to mars. he is then caught in the middle of another war, one whose fate lies directly in his hands. john cart serrated pg-13. eddie murphy has to watch his words in the comedy of "a thousand words." he play as fast talk agent who will say anything to close a deal. one morning a tree magically appears in his backyard.
11:49 am
every word that he speaks a leaf falls off. when the 1,000 leaves are gone, so is he. so murphy has to come up with in unusual ways to communicate. a thousand words is rated pg-13. "the terror" is in real-time "silent house." elizabeth olsen plays laura who moves into an old farmhouse with her dad to try to put it up for sale. but they start hearing noises and are then confronted by an unknown terror. "soilent house" is rated r. whitney houston's sister-in-law says she feared that the singer's life would be ended by drugs. in an interview with oprah winfrey patricia houston says the pop star was changing her life around. meanwhile, houston's hair stylist, tiffany dixon, stopped by the "today" show and dixon called 911 when houston was found unresponsive in her hotel room last month. dixon told the "today" show the singer was one of the most loving people she has ever met. >> she is an amazing person
11:50 am
outside of the music, she was -- fun-loving, she loved people unconditionally. she loved you, she loved unconditionally. she's just an amazing person. spurtally sound. and i had the pleasure of working with her for some time and it has been an amazing journey with her. >> investigators are awaiting for a toxicology report tore determine the exact cause of death important whitney houston. 11:50 is the time. coming up, the secret cameo in "21 jump street." meteorologist tom kierein will be back with another check of a cooler weekend. >> i'm eun yang. wake up with news4 today monday morning. we will get you ready for the madness that comes with march. the ncaa brackets and tell you how your favorite team is playing and where. plus, the news to get you ready important the day along weather and traffic together on the 1s.
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we are talking about would big movies, tommy mcfly joins us with that. and a new sweet new smell. are you wearing it?
11:54 am
>> you can smell it, rock star. i didn't buy it yet. >> let's talk first about game change. tomorrow night on hbo. movie. and a lot of folks are talking about it. julianne moore playing sarah palin and whether they look alike. julianne moore. >> hard to tell them apart. >> she says it is hard to play a living person. let's hear what she said about that. >> well, i think that any time you are playing a living figure, let alone, you know, a culturally -- significant one, you have a tremendous responsibility to be as accurate as possible. that's what i concentrate order. this is a dramatization of this particular 60 days in time. >> what do you think? there they are. do you think they look alike? >> i think they look a lot alike. i think tina fey still does the best sarah palin. >> that's what i think. >> i haven't seen the julianne moore portrayal but -- >> she was in town yesterday at the newseum for the premiere and tom hanks was here, too. he is behind the movie. >> but he doesn't play in the movie. >> no. he is a big executive in this
11:55 am
movie, producer, director, i believe. he actually didn't do the red carpet because he didn't want to make it about him. he wanted to make bit the movie. >> i think we all did get spoiled, tina fey had that down. she was great. >> oh, sure. >> right. listen, we are still a week away from the opening of movie "21 jump street." there is a lot of buzz surrou surrounding them already. what's that buzz about? >> reboot of a star that starred johnnie depp. why would you remake that tv show? jonah hill made fun of the fact in the beginning of the movie that they are remaking something they are rebooting. there has been talk and everyone is wondering when johnnie depp, if johnnie depp appears in this new movie. and he does. >> so is he the cameo? tommy talks about that in an interview. >> i was talking to ice cube about it who was in the movie, too. >> big surprise guest with the big nose did that make it or break it for you? were you excited to have -- i can't say who but -- exactly.
11:56 am
have that person in the move write? >> yeah. to me it added weight. me on the front and him on the back end, you know, it solidified the whole movie. >> is he in the movie? >> yes. ice cube play it is top cup who runs 21 judgment stop. he was in town in georgetown and couldn't say but it leak order some blogs over the last 24 hours that johnnie depp is probably -- maybe, could be doing a cameo. >> just walk on part? >> no. >> major role? >> depends which source you read. some blogs and some internet sites are saying that he has a very significant part in the movie. and some are saying he just has a cameo appearance. >> he is the one that did star p "21 jump street." >> back in the day. >> we will be watching. let's -- tell me about t fragrance. what's new? >> yeah. voice judge, adam lavigne, lead singer of maroon 5. dating supermodels. everything he does people follow his every move. and now you can smell like him.
11:57 am
he has a new frig rans coming out in may called 222 comes around the time that "the voice" finale is. there is a men's version and woman's version. dudes and ladies can both smell like adam lavigne. >> you will have to wear that next week. >> all right. >> let's take a look at some of the stories we are followinging on news4 for this afternoon. here's pat lawson muse. >> coming up this afternoon on "news4 at 4:00," heidi klum on her breakup with seal. what she has to say about all of the media attention of her broken marriage. how can you stop all those you wanted credit card offers that you are getting in the mail? we will find out in the ask liz segment. and coming up on "news4 at 5:00" today, how one fairfax county high school plans to change narrow the gender gap in the engineering field. all those stories coming up starting at 4:00 this afternoon. let's gait final check on the forecast for today and the weekend. >> good morning. right now as we approach the noon hour, temperatures are near 50 degrees. and the sky is now clearing from
11:58 am
west to east. we will get lots of sun later this afternoon. and after the -- followed by cold weather tonight, chilly saturday with sunshine. warmer after a cold start sunday afternoon. and then starting off next week, milder weather moves in. maybe some rain on tuesday. and mid week, highs near 70. barbara? >> all right. thank you, tom. that's "news4 midday." thank you for being with us today and all this week. be sure to tune in for news at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, 11:00, through the weekend, and we will be back monday for "news4 midday" at 11:00 a.m. have a terrific weekend. see you monday.
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